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Amanda K. Lechner is a Director from Long Beach, California with additional focus in writing and cinematography.  Atypical from many directors, Amanda has a technical background, starting her education shooting on super 8mm film bridging the gap through to the Sony f65 in later years. Equally strong is Amanda’s writing and talent to work with actors to evoke strong emotional responses. 


Graduating with honors in 2014, Amanda earned three separate degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder including a BFA in Film Production, a BA in English Creative Writing, and a BA in Psychology. Following her undergraduate studies, Amanda went on to receive an Academic Certificate in Cinematography from UCLA Extension and she completed a year of an MFA Film & Television Production program at Loyola Marymount University before returning to UCLA Extension to earn an Academic Certificate in Directing.


In addition to traditional set work, Amanda is working as a freelance director, videographer, photographer, and editor for fashion films, corporate promotions, events, real estate videos, weddings, and dance choreography. Though these projects vary significantly, Amanda tends to have magical realism or experimental aspects in each. Often, Amanda works with a skeleton crew on her own shoots and prefers a fast paced smaller set for efficiency and cost benefits. This has made her a “jack-of-all-trades” in outlying distinctions of production. 

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